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- Order of The Eastern Star -

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Grand Family


Margaret McCone
Worthy Grand Matron
Carl Stewart
Worthy Grand Patron
Tina Culpepper
Associate Grand Matron
H.M. "Sonny" Dycus
Associate Grand Patron
Betsy Nibeck
Grand Secretary, PGM
Jo Cullifer
Grand Treasurer, PGM
June Mathews
Grand Conductress
Kim Gunby
Associate Grand Conductress
Lynette Wright
Grand Chaplian
Mickey Jones
Grand Marshal 
Carol Menhenett
Grand Lecturer
Sue Winn, PGM
Grand Organist
Ruth Wellman
Grand Adah
JoDella Place
Grand Ruth
Debbie Dancescs
Grand Esther
Dale Thompson
Grand Martha
Sally Hall
Grand Electa 
Mary Ellen Barth
Grand Warder 
Edward Massaro
Grand Sentinel 
Tina Spier
Grand Parliamentarian 
Pat Schwarz
"Maxine" Personal Assistant to the WGM 
Glenda Maner
"My Girl Friday" Personal Secretary to the WGM 
Lisa Johnson
"Yeoman" Personal Secretary to the WGP 
Becky Higgins
Grand Choir Director
Jana Watson
Assistant Grand Organist 
John Cullen, PGP
Grand Drill Director
Lucy Rampley
Assistant Grand Drill Director 
Lynn Whitlock
"Barney Fife" Chairmen of Security
Kay Strawn
"Florence Nightingale"  Grand Chapter Nurse
Jean Peal
Memories of Youth
Audrey Drescher
Memories of Love 
Jennifer Cheeley
Memories of Family
Bonita Merck
Memories of Faith 
Carol Bryan
Memories of riends
Helen R. Cox PMWGM
"Mz Daisy" 
Felton Crews, PGP
Driving Mz. Daisy 
Al Lncoln
Yankee Cousin 
Olivia Forrester
"Golden Girl" Grand Chapter Sister
Mary Jane Johnson
"Golden Girl" Grand Chapter Sister 
Jonnie Whitley
Fletchers Mom
John Washington
Grand Chapter Father
Patsy Rowe
Grqand Chapter Mother-in-law